Contemplation and Cleansing #1

In the shower this morning: 

Who starting calling it a shower?  To shower is a verb – who made it a noun?  When did people first decide they need to stand up to bathe?  Maybe when they started understanding germs and no longer wished to soak in their own filth.  Such waste and effort probably would never have crossed anyone’s mind prior to indoor plumbing either, for that matter. 

As I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) it’s rather common in other countries to have sit-down tubs with a “sprayer” instead of standing all the way up.  Maybe Americans have outgrown bathtubs.  We came to the New World, oozed ourselves out all over the vast land, had plenty of room to build large houses, and we sprawled.  We sprawled and towered and established the expectation that we would have monstrous abodes.  We can fit big, tall tubs and shower units into these large spaces. 

When you put bacteria in a petri dish, it will continue to replicate and increase its population until there is no longer room.  Then, through a fascinating series of chemical reactions, they know to knock it off.  Apoptosis, maybe?  Am I channeling that correctly from a chunk of biology coursework lodged in my brain?  Is that what we’re doing?  When we’ve maxed out our space, we won’t be able to rely on chemical programming to stop procreating.  We’ll have to rely on our common sense.  Heaven help us.

Did I just wash my hair with my daughter’s shower gel?

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